Enquiry on Results (EOR)

*If you did not take your test with IELTS Conestoga (Centre CA321, CA505 or CA903), please do not complete this Enquiry on Results process.*

A candidate may apply for an Enquiry on Results, which is a review of the individual and/or final score received on the Test Report Form (TRF). The IELTS Conestoga Canada head office must receive all enquiries and paperwork within six weeks of the test date.

Please include the following items:

  1. Completed Enquiry on Results (EOR) Form.
  2. Completed EOR - Payment Authorization Form. The test taker’s full address, postal code and daytime telephone number must appear on the payment form.
  3. Test Report Form (TRF) - Include all TRFs you received from the specific test that you are requesting the EOR for. Must be originals, photocopies are not accepted.

Email the documents to help@ieltscanada.ca, drop off in person to the mailbox outside the IELTS office, or send by mail. Our address is:

IELTS Test Centre
Conestoga College
332 Marsland Drive, Waterloo, ON, N2J 3Z1

Once received, please allow 48 hours for the test centre to process your request to submit it to IDP. Once your request is submitted to IDP from our centre, test takers will receive an email from our centre. After this email is received, please expect this process to take 2 to 21 days, depending on several factors including the number of sections requested for re-mark. If you have not received a response after 28 days, please contact us.

Once the final score is received from IDP, the IELTS Test Centre will contact the test taker within 24 hours and mail out their report by Canada Post, regular mail.

Please note the following points:

  • There is no appeal after this review. The decision is final.
  • During the period of remarking, the test results are locked, and cannot be used to apply to universities or be sent to an immigration office. Any extra TRF application lodged during this period will be disregarded.
  • Should the scores change after the Enquiry on Results, we will provide the test taker with a new Test Report Form. Within one month of the print date of the new report, the test taker may request additional copies to be forwarded to institutions, free of charge, aside from the payment of postage or express courier fees. After 30 days, each additional report costs $30.
  • If the score is unchanged, the original Test Report Form will be returned to the test taker. If the score is changed, a new Test Report Form is issued and the test taker is refunded the full EOR amount.
  • The test taker's full mailing address, postal code and daytime telephone number must be provided on the Enquiry on Results Form.
  • If the test taker's address changes during the process, it is the test takers responsibility to get in contact with the test centre to update this.